Here we go.

I'm just doing it, damn it. Funny, I was going to get this blog (or whatever it is) going sometime last year, but it sat for months. Well, maybe not so funny actually. The thing is, I need somewhere to put some of this stuff from my head, where old messages make it hard to justify creating anything, even though I know it's what makes me closer to whole. What's the point? What purpose is it serving? Who the hell cares what I think? Do?

I guess I kind of care. Or I'm trying to, and that's the point of my blog (or whatever it is) - to focus on and work with the creative energies, rather than the destructive ones. I want to be a positive force, and stream of consciousness prattle might be my way, no?

Oh, and recipes. I'm sure I'll post recipes.

Welcome to my work in progress. This blog (or whatever it is). This life (or whatever it is).

#selfportrait #welcome #blog

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