I have a keen and newfound love for the word Nope.

I’ve never been particularly good at saying No when I probably should, and I don’t think I’m alone. Whether it’s out of guilt or whatever, when we do the things we don’t want to do but can’t say No to, we end up feeling resentful and yecchy. Or we make excuses and then have to keep track of those excuses, and that gets harder and harder as my memory gets suckier and suckier! Why do we feel compelled to come up with acceptable reasons for simply opting out? My friends know I’m really not all that busy or maybe I’ve just gotten lazy and unimaginative, but when did excuses trump plain old honesty? Would you rather be lied to, or have someone just tell you it’s not her cup of tea?

Is it a fear of rejection (Rejection Projection)?

Does No sound too mean?

Hmmm, maybe. One day I changed my script to Nope. Nope sounds friendlier, yet isn’t about to take one bit of shit. I don’t know how, but Nope essentially says, ”no fucking way and thanks, but do not ask me again,” then skips away as you smile and notice Nope’s cute shoes. Maybe it’s because you know Nope isn’t being a jerk, just clear.

The person who’s getting Noped the most these days is me, and I highly recommend it . When I notice my thoughts taking a well-worn yet unhelpful route, I tell myself, “Nope, not gonna go there, lady…” and choose a new path. I sound so much nicer to me when I say Nope. Maybe I’m more inclined to listen to me when I don’t sound like an ass. Maybe the easygoing sound of Nope helps me take these things less seriously, considering the size of the Universe and all.

Maybe I just like Nope's sassy shoes.

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